Social Buy Hamilton now added to the list

Social Buy is another group buying sale site, they are starting off in Hamilton currently. They have more than the usual something to, and offer services and products as well. Want your gutters cleaned? Then todays deal is for you!

New deal sites

GrabOne moves into the product market

That’s right, today New Zealands most successful group buying site GrabOne has launched their new product store This is the latest venture for them, since launch they have expanded from the standard group buying site, to wine ( and travel ( and they now cover a pretty much the whole daily deal spectrum, This is an interesting venture for GrabOne, and I am sure they will have big things coming soon as they line up 1-Day fair and square More >

Groupon NZ

Groupon is coming

That’s right, the original and no doubt biggest group buying site, Groupon, is coming to NZ. There is no launch date set on their NZ site, but they do have three cities lined up to start with, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. So why not use a domain name? Those Leibovich brothers (who are cyber squatters) I mentioned earlier in the year still have their mitts on on the domain. Read more about that here if you are interested (they accepted then More >


1-DayOut launches in Tauranga

That’s right, have expanded into the Tauranga region today, and launched with 10 cent cheeseburgers at McDonalds! Get in and grab a cheap burger now. Shame it’s limited to one per person!

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